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Leicester Review

All Now With Wings Review in Full:

Leicester Bangs

I’d read a couple of reviews of All Now With Wings before I got to hear it, and one word kept cropping up, a word that will fill many of a certain age and disposition with dread and horror, and that word is “progressive”. Now I’m no Luddite when it comes to popular music, as far as I’m concerned Magazine provided just as many pop thrills as The Buzzcocks and given the choice I’d shoot Phil Collins while sparing Peter Gabriel, so I approached All Now With Wings with an open mind and an ever-so liberal heart. Needless to say, my niggling concerns proved completely unfounded. For “progressive” read nothing more sinister than “ambitious”, and I soon found myself swept away on the orchestrated grandeur of the finest debut record I’ve heard so far this year. David Zweig’s voice will draw comparisons with Nick Drake’s but, whereas ol’ Nick was happy in his bedroom with his acoustic guitar, Zweig’s natural habitat is in a studio on a par with Abbey Road, surrounded by a 40 piece orchestra. For many musicians this would result in either soiled pants or egotistical excess, but Zweig revels in the opportunity to put his heart and soul into a project which impresses at every turn. At its core, All Now With Wings is a great pop record with proper songs, and that’s why it works so well. Strip it down to its bones and I’d still be raving. I’m sure that the major labels are onto him by now and we’ll see a world-wide reissue within months, but just in case, try and grab this album right now. And if you want to thank me, send money. www.davidzweig.com (8.5/10)

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